Witness Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition developers battle with G and Sagat in the latest Woshige’s Corner

By on August 10, 2018 at 5:00 pm
sfv ae g burning hands

With Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition receiving its final two Season 3 roster additions — the President of Earth, G, and the returning King of Muay Thai, Sagat — earlier this week, it’s time for another installment of Woshige’s Corner.

This column on the CFN Portal sees two members of the SFVAE development team, in the guises of the Outdated Shadaloo Soldier and Cowardly Shadaloo Soldier, battle it out with the game’s pair of New Challengers to better demonstrate some of their capabilities and how the designers intend them to be played.

First up, the Outdated Shadaloo Soldier looks to exercise G’s political influence against the Cowardly Shadaloo Soldier’s Cammy, making a point to show off the strength of G’s V-Trigger I, Maximum President (which allows the politician to immediately access Level 3 Presidential move properties, cancel his specials into one another, and use his G Barrier as a projectile).

In the second matchup, the Outdated Solider switches to G’s second V-Trigger, Dangerous President, which provides him with a pair of new attacks: the launching uppercut G Explosion and the command grab G Rage, which boasts a single-hit of armor (though it doesn’t start on frame 1). He now faces the Cowardly Shadaloo Soldier’s Rashid.

Moving on the the King, the Cowardly Soldier switches to Sagat, clad in his original costume — that is currently available through Menat’s Fighting Chance — while the Outdated Soldier pilots Ryu, re-creating the classic match-up from Street Fighter. They also demonstrate how Ryu’s Mind’s Eye V-Skill lets him deal with Tiger Shots.

Finally, we have a Sagat mirror match, as the Shadaloo Soldiers look to prove just which one of them is Muay Thai royalty.

Have you added either of these new fighters to your rotation yet? If so, what are your thoughts on the matches you’ve just seen? Tell us in the comments.

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