Neutralize Pokkén Tournament DX’s glass cannon with this anti-Shadow Mewtwo guide

By on August 10, 2018 at 9:00 am

The Shadow Mewtwo match-up must be approached in a fundamentally different way from anything else in Pokkén Tournament DX. Similar in design to Seth from Street Fighter IV, SM2 is a glass cannon with a wide and versatile toolkit — and it’s that glass cannon nature that should be the focus of your gameplan when against him.

No one knows that better than one of America’s strongest SM2 players, BadIntent, whom charitably breaks down SM2’s most common projectile traps, mind games, and realistic options. Regardless of which phase you’re in, if you learn to pick your spots you can out-damage SM2 and even potentially keep up with his absurd meter gain.

Source: BadIntent

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