Dragon Ball FighterZ roundup: Explore some of the new combos and tech from base Goku, base Vegeta, & others

By on August 10, 2018 at 11:00 am

A new patch has arrived for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Alongside the new base forms for Goku and Vegeta, it’s also added a number of changes to the existing cast, opening up more combo routes and changing up old ones. As such, a number of folks are now working at figuring these new combos out.

First up, we have Final Showdown, one of the more influential combo video makers for the game, responsible for the discovery of a number of loops and combos used competitively. In the video below, he demonstrates some combos that base form Goku can do in Dragon Ball FighterZ. While he describes these as “day one combos”, there are already a number of interesting and likely important combos, including a few loops that we’re likely to see a lot of in competitive play.

As a bonus, he’s also uploaded a couple of follow ups to his Vegito combo video, extending the damage off his bread-and-butter combos even further. Take note, however, that these were done before the patch, so we might see even higher damage in the future.

Next up we have rooflemonger, who tackles base form Vegeta, focusing specifically on his corner loop.

We have even more base form Vegeta with this video from Sikshot Gaming, demonstrating how to keep up pressure with him on a blocking opponent.

TaihoT3 on the other hand showcases a touch-of-death combo for base form Vegeta (with help from Fat Buu and Goku).

One of the characters who’s been buffed in this balance patch is Frieza, who can now perform a reverse beat (H to M to L) chain. This has given him new combos, including a corner loop, as demonstrated by KH_Black on Twitter.

For a closer look at how Golder Frieza has changed, Cattokye has posted this comparison of his corner combos before and after the patch.

In addition to this, they also demonstrate how the faster activation of Golden Frieza allows it to be used a punish on block.

Of course, this is bound to be just the beginning of all these new combos and tech for the game’s new patch. Keep locked on to Shoryuken for more Dragon Ball FighterZ news and content.

Sources: Final Showdown; rooflemongerSikshot GamingTaihoT3KH_Black; Cattokye

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