Rising Up: G bread-and-butter combo guide — Punishes, confirm combos, juggles, & more

By on August 9, 2018 at 10:00 am

G, the self-proclaimed “President of the Earth,” has just been released for purchase in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. Though he appears in the game’s opening reel and has been technically revealed since the launch of Season 3, G is a completely new character to the Street Fighter franchise, and seems to have no storyline ties with any other character yet, other than sharing a costume and some attack animations with Q of Street Fighter III. G brings a mechanic of his own to the table: he can channel “presidential power” from the Earth itself. When storing this power, his special moves improve dramatically, though he loses it whenever he’s knocked over. G must carefully consider which combos allow him to build this power, and has different combo routes depending on how much power he has charged, which made scripting a combo guide quite difficult! Still, I’ve put together this guide of his most essential combo routes, so that players can quickly learn the basics and start developing their neutral game. Here are your best bread-and-butter combos that I’ve found for every common scenario. This video features anti-airs, punishes, confirms, counter-hit combos, crush counter combos, juggles, and more.

This G bread-and-butter video is not the full G tutorial I’m working on, but rather simply a guide to his basic optimal combo routes. The combos are all my own findings, alongside a few things I’ve observed from other players. Due to the mechanics of his presidential influence, G has an unusually large number of optimal combos compared to most characters, with some good depth on his first V-Trigger in particular. Thus, I wholeheartedly encourage anyone watching to point out superior combo routes in the comments, for both me and the other players, so that I can amend them into the final video when I release it!

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