New Zealand player ncea shares advanced combos for Digimon Rumble Arena

By on August 9, 2018 at 4:00 pm

Every now and then something comes in to the SRK tipline that makes me reel back in my chair. Never, in my lifetime, did I think I’d see a combo video for the PlayStation 1’s Digimon Rumble Arena — nor did I think I’d find it, well, fascinating.

Before PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale was just a twinkle in Sony’s eyes, Bandai and Hudson Soft experimented with the idea of a combo-oriented platform fighter in the Digimon universe. When hit in Digimon Rumble Arena, your body flies in the direction it was already traveling. This means juggles either need to be kept simple of consistency’s sake, or the player must prepare to different, more complex juggles for specific situations — such as punishing.

All of this information is documented in ncea‘s comprehensive Digimon Player’s Guide, which gives context to the ideas on display in the above video. Lest you think these combos exist in a vacuum, there’s even a small scene brewing in New Zealand around this odd gem.

Source: ncea

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