Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition roundup: Sagat combos and kara-cancel guide, G shenanigans, and more!

By on August 7, 2018 at 2:00 pm
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Combos, cancels, speeches, stories, and more from the new members of the Street Fighter V cast!

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The King of Muay Thai and the President of the World are both out in the wild now, following their reveal at Evo 2018. So let’s see what the community is cooking up for these new additions to the Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition roster!

VesperArcade wasted no time compiling some Sagat combos to get you started:

Kara-cancelling is a big part of Sagat’s toolset in Street Fighter V, and World Warrior helps get you ready to exploit it with this video guide:

It’s truly Super Tuesday for Earth’s new President, as players are jumping into the lab to see what can be accomplished with Gaia’s power. A lot of it is searchable on Twitter under the hashtag #glab; here are some samples.

And Adam AJ Moore found that if left idle too long, G becomes especially deadly:

Remember that epic reveal at Evo? It ties directly into the game itself…

Bonchan has waited a long time for Sagat… Xuses has grabbed this online match footage of Bonchan taking the King for a spin against Dogura:

For those that want to chill out with the (excellent) remix of Sagat’s classic theme on the King’s Court stage, VesperArcade has provided an extended mix:

And Xuses has posted an extended mix of G’s great new theme (composed by Daniel Lindholm, like some other new fighters):

Want to sit back and watch the Character Story modes of these fighters for convenience? Xuses has you covered there, too.

Thanks to everyone that sent in tips!

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