Bow before the King of Muay Thai: Capcom-Unity breaks down Sagat’s abilities in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

By on August 6, 2018 at 11:00 am
sfv ae sagat tiger uppercut

At long last, he is returning to the fight.

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Alongside the reveal of G at Evo 2018 last night, Capcom delighted fans with the surprise showing of Sagat’s own reveal trailer as well — and then doubled-down with the news that both would be available today. Sagat players’ patience is at last rewarded! We’re also getting a new version of his classic stage, too: the King’s Court.

In the usual pre-release breakdown from Capcom-Unity, we get a closer look at what to expect from this new version of a character central to Street Fighter:

The king has returned to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition! Bow down before him or prove you are a worthy opponent. First appearing in the original Street Fighter as the final boss, Sagat has become one of the most recognizable characters in the entire series. As the emperor of Muay Thai, Sagat’s main goal in life was to be the strongest fighter in the world, which he believed he was until a certain martial artist named Ryu came along and defeated him. M. Bison witnessed Sagat’s power and offered him the services of Shadaloo in order to search for Ryu. Sagat accepted and became one of the feared “Four Heavenly Kings,” but when he realized M. Bison was attempting to corrupt Ryu, Sagat left as he wanted Ryu’s mind to be clear for their rematch. Since then, he has made it his life goal to defeat Ryu, but only if his rival doesn’t hold back. In Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, Sagat has become a hermit in a secluded village and must overcome his inner demons.

Sagat’s iconic move set remains true to his past appearances in the Street Fighter series. Tiger Shot is a projectile that changes speeds depending on which punch button you press and cannot hit crouching opponents. Grand Tiger Shot (Low Tiger Shot in previous titles) can hit crouching opponents, but deals less damage and is less safe. Tiger Uppercut is a dragon punch-style attack that can be used as an anti-air or a reversal. Tiger Knee Crush (Tiger Knee in previous titles) is a quick lunge that can close the distance between Sagat and his opponent.

How about some details on his new V-System tools?

V-Skill: Angry Charge

The “Angry Scar” returns, allowing you to power up the next Tiger Uppercut.

V-Trigger I: Tiger Charge

This three-bar Trigger lets Sagat use his Tiger Cannon by pressing HP+HK. This new version of the former Ultra Combo is big and fast, and can be cancelled into from any of Sagat’s normals.

V-Trigger II: Tiger Assault

It naturally follows that if VTI powers up the Tiger Shot, VTII would focus on the Tiger Knee. This two-bar VTII opens up two new moves, the Tiger Spike (HP+HK) and the Tiger Rush (forward + HP+HK). Tiger Spike is an armored kick that can Guard Break if fully charged; Tiger Rush is a Tiger Knee Crush variation that can be cancelled into from many normal moves.

Critical Art: Tiger Rampage

Classic-style finisher from Sagat, showcasing the devastating Tiger Uppercut!

Sagat will have three costumes available: the usual Story and Battle costumes, and a Nostalgia costumes for the original look.

Sagat is also coming along with a new version of his classic Thailand stage, now appropriately dubbed the King’s Court.

sfv ae king's court stage

Got a Season 3 Character Pass? Then you’ll get G, Sagat, and their Battle costumes as soon as servers are back up tonight. Otherwise you can pick both characters up for $5.99 USD or 100,000 Fight Money each.

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Source: Capcom-Unity Editor-in-Chief. Street Fighterin' since there was only a "II" in the title.