Character packs 4-6 dropping on 8/6/18 for BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, details teased for new announcement

By on August 4, 2018 at 7:19 pm

Arc System Works is looking to co-opt the announcement hype today. At the close of Evo 2018‘s BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle tournament, they revealed that character packs 4-6 will be released in a few days on August 6th. These packs add the following characters…


From BlazBlue:

  • Nine
  • Izayoi
  • Mai

From Under Night In-Birth:

  • Merkava
  • Yuzuriha
  • Mika

From Persona Arena:

  • Mitsuru
  • Labrys
  • Akihiko


This huge surge of characters dropping on the 6th isn’t enough for Arc System Works, though: there’s an additional announcement at the closed event for Cross Counter TV’s Bar Fights tonight. While playing coy, the developer called special attention to the “colors” at the end of their slide. It could be assumed that tonight’s announcement will be the addition of a new franchise to BBCTB. Will Guilty Gear characters make their way to ArcSys’s crossover fighter, or will this be an all new property never before seen in a ArcSys fighting game?


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