Capcom Fighters reveals the origins of The Ring of Power stage in Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition (and teases the long-awaited Champion’s Choice costume)

By on August 2, 2018 at 12:00 pm

Capcom gives Street Fighter fans a history lesson, describing the inspiration for 2018’s Capcom Pro Tour stage.

The latest Capcom Pro Tour stage for Street Fighter V shows off the grandeur of M. Bison’s famed battle arena for the World Warrior Tournament. While it might be brand new to SFV, the stage actually has a rich and illustrated history. Capcom artist Shoei Okano took fans behind the scenes of its creation in a recent YouTube video, where he revealed that the stage’s design was taken from a 1992 art book titled Complete File.

This art book served as the inspiration for quite a few of Street Fighter V’s visual aspects, including Ryu and Chun-Li’s default designs. Created to accompany SFII’s soundtrack, it featured sketch illustrations for the game’s stages, character concept designs, and even a massive poster map of Shadaloo HQ. Conceptualized by famed Capcom artist Akiman, the poster served as the inspiration for the new Ring of Power stage — although it wasn’t originally planned for.

The team rediscovered the Complete File art book years after its publication, and knew that they had something special on their hands. Using the Shadaloo HQ map as reference, they were able to translate the map into the franchise’s newest iteration (with a few changes). The original map gave fans a look into what Capcom’s artists imagined Shadaloo Headquarters would look like, with a complete floor plan and rooms where the Four Kings would train and live out their daily lives.


Shoei hopes fans appreciate the history and artwork used to create the new stage. Players can purchase the stage through the CPT Season 3 Pass for $19.99, alongside Akuma’s, Sakura’s, and the Champion’s Choice costumes (which Capcom has just teased a long-due reveal for, see below), or buy it separately for $9.99. Tremble before the almighty Bison in SFV’s newest locale!

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