The King of Fighters joins Pokémon GO in augmented reality

By on August 1, 2018 at 12:00 pm

SNK has released a number of mobile games using their The King of Fighters IP. Now, another mobile adventure will be joining the likes of Destiny and All-Stars, and it’s bringing fans’ favorite fighters to the AR realm.


The Hong-Kong based studio Gameone is bringing yet another The King of Fighters title to smartphones. Much like the famed Pokémon GO, the upcoming The King of Fighters GO will use a fusion of GPS technology and Augmented Reality to bring players a unique experience that allows them to integrate the game into the real world. Instead of monsters, players will seek to catch and collect the wide array of SNK’s The King of Fighters characters, pitting them against other players’ teams to determine the stronger combatant.


Originally titled The King of Fighters — The Orochi Saga GO, the newly-named The King of Fighters GO brings back the ‘95-’97 Orochi Saga, with Orochi returning as the game’s final boss. However, the game is currently exclusive to residents of the Hong Kong area: participants in a recent closed beta received a VIP code through Hong Kong’s Anime and Games Convention. The beta ran from July 27th through July 31st for the iPhone iteration of the title via Testflight, and with the Android beta as yet unannounced, fans of the series can expect more news in the near future.


Source: MMCafe

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