Learn Korean Backdash stick techniques with Cutcc’s KBD guide for Tekken 7

By on July 30, 2018 at 5:00 pm
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In Feburary 2017, I did my best to write the most thorough practice guide available for absolute beginners to learn Tekken 7‘s Korean Backdash. In hindsight, there are things certainly things I missed in regards to the way different sticks read inputs, and I recognize that some people simply learn with visual aids better than they do with a step-by-step written guide. Both of these weaknesses are corrected in cutcc‘s excellent Korean Backdash Guide below:

cutcc‘s guide also demonstrates various hand positions for both 1P and 2P side, and the strengths and weaknesses for each. If you still feel a little rusty on your KBD or just want to learn something new about how different sticks solve the ‘KBD’ problem, this is a great video to jump into.

Source: cutcc

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