Twitter asks Mori questions about the future of BlazBlue, Persona 5 Arena, new characters, and more

By on July 29, 2018 at 12:00 pm
mori Q&A video

Arc System Works likes to facilitate conversation, and their latest effort shows Toshimichi Mori answering fan-submitted queries. The selected Twitter questions cover a variety of topics, with many asking about possible future projects that the company might tackle.

There’s a lot of questions about turning various anime franchises into fighting games, but he’s also asked about BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, the most recent fighting game release from the company. For now, there are no plans for a “second wave” of DLC for the game. Mori would like to solidify plans to introduce more RWBY characters (he likes Adam, while many staff members like Penny), but he says more fan support is needed. He does recognize that Central Fiction is its own, mainline game and that the support for it might not be over yet.

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The second part drives at some other games Arc System Works has worked on. After working on Dragon Ball FighterZ, Mori isn’t sure yet what the next anime game could be. Someone specifically asks about turning Disgaea into a fighting game, and Mori gives a mysterious “I see, cool”.

When asked about the future BlazBlue: Central Fiction‘s Kokonoe and Sector 7 (the organization she’s part of), he points to Dark War, a mobile game that’s currently only in Japan, but Mori would “love it” if it was released internationally. Finally, when asked about the possibility of Persona 5 Arena, Mori says that he can’t say anything, and that the fans should ask Atlus instead.

Arc System Works also released a celebratory 30th-anniversary music video recently.

Source: Arc System Works YouTube

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