How to deal with Dragon Punch and assist pressure in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle

By on July 29, 2018 at 2:00 pm
dpassist bbtag

There’s a lot of creative strategies and setups in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle to inflict maximum pain on the opposing team. But one that seems fairly prevalent is the simultaneous usage of a Dragon Punch with an assist. This becomes a strong offensive wall that’s difficult to defend against. For one, DPs in the game are air-unblockable, leading to (at least prorated somewhat) combos. Secondly, the team that uses this technique may often retain an advantage and keep pressuring.

KhaosMuffins made an informative video regarding this technique. He shows how Yu and Waldstein can work together and keep the opponent in blockstun. Depending on the timing of the pushblock, you can mess up their strategy; the video shows several different applications. If you have the meter, you can punish them with a Distortion Drive. KhaosMuffins changes things up by showing what happens when Yang and Es work together, as Yang’s DP has a lot less recovery. It’s also different when punishing projectile-based assists, like Tager’s or Jin’s.

The situations vary greatly depending on timing, but there usually is some kind of opening, which varies by which characters you’re using. Examine the possibilities with the video below:

Source: KhaosMuffins

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