Justin Wong stops by “The Lab” to demonstrate the strengths of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s Menat

By on July 27, 2018 at 5:00 pm
sfv menat glow

“Personally, for me, she’s top 3… She’s very, very cheap. “

These bold words about Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition‘s Menat come from a man that’s seen some cheap characters in his time: the legend himself, Justin Wong. There are few better sources to find out about the nuanced cheap stuff around this orb-wielding character than the man himself, and that’s why he’s a guest on today’s episode of “The Lab”:

“She doesn’t really get crush countered that often,” Justin explains as he demonstrates the complete lack of hurtboxes on her st.HP to “The Lab” hosts UM|Tyrant and Method|Packz. Check out the video above for 30+ minutes of lessons from the Street Fighter prodigy — and if there’s other characters you have difficultly with, Frame Advantage has probably covered them, too!

Source: Frame Advantage

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