Motohiro Okubo discusses SoulCalibur VI’s new mechanics

By on July 26, 2018 at 5:00 pm

SoulCalibur VI producer Motohiro Okubo broke down the upcoming game’s newest features in a recent blog post, detailing everything fans should know in order to get acquainted with the latest title.

On July 20th, Motohiro Okubo wrote up a blog post that introduced both veterans and newbies of the Soul Calibur series to the latest game’s brand-new features. Okubo expressed that he is applying “key lessons” from his work with Tekken 7 into the weapons-based 3D fighter, while keeping the gameplay both fresh and true to the series’ previous titles.


Reversal Edge

The game’s new elements include the Reversal Edge and Lethal Hit, alongside original mechanics like the Soul Charge and Guard Hit. Okubo expressed that the Reversal Edge was a product of the game’s developers wanting newer players to “have fun, excel, and compete against players that have more knowledge and experience” through a fair and balanced means. When players land a successful Reversal Edge, a slow motion sequence is triggered, wherein a kind of rock-paper-scissors mini-game ensues. If players choose the correct action in answer to their enemy, they are rewarded with definite damage, removing the need for in-depth knowledge on characters and gameplay.


Much like the Guard Impact system, the Reversal Edge allows players to parry incoming attacks — this time automatically. The longer a player holds down the Reversal Edge button, the longer they can parry their opponent’s strikes. The Reversal Edge also builds meter, allowing access to the Soul Charge and Critical Edge systems. In sum, the Reversal Edge gives opportunities for newer players on a more even playing field, and eliminates the need for hard data in favor of reading one’s opponent and guessing their next moves.

Soul Charge

While the Soul Charge is a returning mechanic, SCVI aims to make it quite different from its predecessors. SCVI’s Soul Charge will give characters power ups, allowing players to utilize additional moves and deal greater damage for a limited time. Characters’ Soul Charges will also give them different visual properties, “drastically” changing their appearance. According to Okubo, the manner in which the Soul Charge is used will largely determine players’ playstyles, and allow them freedom to express themselves in they way they choose to play the game.

Lethal Hit

The Lethal Hit is another new element of the SoulCalibur series. While different for each character, the Lethal Hit triggers another slow-motion sequence when successfully executed. In this sequence, players deal a damaging attack, which opens up the opponent for a follow-up hit. Unlike the Reversal Edge, the Lethal Hit is meant for players to showcase their knowledge and skill; it isn’t easily triggered, and players who can pull a number of Lethal Hits are shown to be high-level. Additionally, Lethal Hits break away characters’ armor for a satisfying, visual reward of the winning player’s strength.


There are only three months left until SoulCalibur VI’s completion, and Okubo has stated that the game’s character roster is not yet complete. With Evo just around the corner, the possibility of a character reveal is high, and game’s new elements could be further explored in forthcoming trailers.

Source: Bandai Namco Entertainment

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