JusticeSoulTuna demonstrates the wall carry possibilities of Lars’ Rage Drive in Tekken 7

By on July 23, 2018 at 6:00 pm

Tekken 7‘s Lars, mostly thanks to his frame data and nerfed whiff-punishment game from previous entries, is a character that has to make every hit count. One of the ways he can do this is through the versatility of his Rage Drive, which allows him to either apply pressure in neutral or score excellent damage in juggles.

The primary way his Rage Drive helps him in juggles is through wall carry — that’s the subject of today’s tutorial from JusticeSoulTuna. Lars’s RD turns nearly any combo starter into a half-life or more damage conversion, and can do so from even the back corner of Geometric Plane.

Source:  JusticeSoulTuna

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