Breaking BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle’s boundaries with combos and glitches

By on July 23, 2018 at 2:00 pm
bbtag jubei bug

Just how creative you can get in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle? While we’ve already seen plenty of cool tech for just about everyone in the cast, the community doesn’t run out of ideas. Check out a couple of excellent combo videos sent in by our readers, as well as a couple of hilarious bugs.

Doopliss sent us a truly impressive combo video titled “Truly Crossing The Line,” which features multiple characters. It features a lot of really creative combos, like a sequence where Tager is stuck in a Gravity Seed and comboed by Ruby, a 20,000 damage combo by Chie, and some impressive teamwork by Jubei and Yang. Note a really sweet usage of Makoto’s assist at 2:50 to push the opponent closer to Tager after his Gadget Finger, followed by a glitch that allows switching to Makoto. There’s also a thrilling setup between Carmine and Weiss that lets the RWBY character set up her seals. It’s really a great collection that shows off how creative you can get in the game.

That’s not everything, though. Y. Xiao made a great video that focuses exclusively on the RWBY characters included in the game (so far?). The combos are really good, but also, the sequences seamlessly flow from Ruby to Weiss, then Blake to Yang.

Darius Bright focused on a pretty unpopular pairing, Yukiko and Kanji. His exploration of this Persona 4-focused team brings something interesting to the table, as the two seem to have very good synergy. Granted, they are in the need of buffs, but it’s cool to see the two work together; for instance, Yukiko has enough time to Flame Boost while Kanji holds down the opponent.

Speaking of breaking the game’s boundaries and our favorite training dummy, there’s apparently a glitch with Yukiko where you can set up as many Agis on the screen as you want. Is this the buff she needs? (Watch your sound levels when viewing the clip below).

kamoihito also did this, and set up 83 Agis right on top of Chie.

Lastly, Jubei seems pretty startled during Azrael’s stunning Astral Heat.

Sources: Doopliss; Y. Xiao; Darius Bright; @V_Moala; @kamoihito

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