theScore esports documents Rick Fox’s transition from basketball star to esports star

By on July 22, 2018 at 12:00 pm

Rick Fox, owner of ESports team Echo Fox, had a slow but important transformation from Basketball Star to ESports entrepreneur. More important than that, though, was the role that he played as “Defender” — and we’re not talking about Basketball. Rick Fox, at a time when no one else of his visibility would or could, defended video games as sport to a media that refused to believe him, and through that, helped raise the interest and prestige of ESports as a whole.

That’s the subject of theScore esports‘s latest documentary, which covers how he found the bridge between the athletic and digital competitive worlds. Though the large focus of the documentary above is on Echo Fox’s venture as a whole, the FGC plays a large part in saving Echo Fox itself — particularly their game-changing 2017 signings of fighting game players like Justin Wong.

Source: theScore esports

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