Frame Advantage studies the Dark Hadō of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition’s Akuma in “The Lab”

By on July 17, 2018 at 5:00 pm

The Frame Advantage crew, made up of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition Pros UM|Tyrant and Method|Packz, are back to dissect whom they believe is the #1 character in the game: the Great Demon, Akuma.

Akuma, option-heavy as he typically is by design, is so strong that he rises above the intentional nerf to the shoto-style that SFV was built around. He’s wildly safe, has one of the game’s best fireballs, and can force incredible pressure with his EX Demon Flip. Today’s episode of “The Lab” explores minute options to simplify specific situations versus Akuma, but as the crew summarizes, beating the demon ultimately boils down to adapting to the player — because there’s little weakness in the demon to take advantage of.

Source: Frame Advantage

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