Familiarize yourself with new Siegfried mechanics in this SoulCalibur VI character breakdown

By on July 16, 2018 at 6:00 pm
Soul Calibur 6

Hayate continues his series of SoulCalibur VI tutorial videos, ahead of its October 19th release. If you’ve been a Siegfried fan from SoulCalibur III, you’re probably quite interested in the nuanced changes of the sword-wielder in the upcoming installment.

Along with Pantocrator, Hayate first goes over Siegfried’s changes. Classified as a mid-range zoning character with stances, he retains most of his old moves, with the exception of 9K,9B, and 22B, which were quicker jump moves and an attack that weaved into stance. His trademark moves, like the 3B attack and A+B in all stances.

He has learned some new tricks, notably 6A+B, which sometimes activates “Dark Legacy” mode, a new mechanic. You may have noticed Siegfried sometimes glows with blue flame, especially when his health is low, as if he had Soul Charge active. Dark Legacy improves some moves, making them able to Lethal Hit, but there might be more to this. Siegfried can “spend” Dark Legacy mode on an explosion attack, just like Nightmare’s.

Check out the explanatory video below, and if you’re yearning for some great gameplay footage of Siegfried, look to the CEO 2018 SoulCalibur VI exhibition.

If Siegfried is too old-school for you, turn to Hayate’s informative SoulCalibur VI Grøh breakdown.

Source: Hayate EIN

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