Jumping is mandatory in new platform-fighter “Indie Pogo”, now available on Steam

By on July 15, 2018 at 12:00 pm

If you just can’t help your urge to jump in other 2D fighting games, then indie game developer Lowe Bros. Studios has created the perfect little indie game for you. Introducing Indie Pogo:

Indie Pogo’s most distinguishing feature is right there in the title — your character’s primary movement is a Pogo-like multi-jump with an attack hitbox designed to set up further combos. There’s a wide cast of guest characters to choose from — Octodad, Kick from Divekick, Welltaro from Downwell, and just to name a few. Hell, even Shovel Knight and Gunvolt were able to take a break from their guest appearance in Blade Strangers to show up!

Indie Pogo can be purchased on the Steam Store here.

Source:  Lowe Bros. Studios

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