Vulcano Rosso, Pullum Purna, and arcade mode are coming to Fighting EX Layer for free

By on July 11, 2018 at 6:16 am

This extraordinary game is getting expanded with some extra characters and an arcade mode.

During the development of Fighting EX Layer, ARIKA mentioned that it would love to expand the roster of the game with more classic Street Fighter EX characters if the game sold well enough. Now, it seems that the game has found more than enough success to warrant additional content.

ARIKA announced that both Vulcano Rosso and Pullum Purna will be coming to Fighting EX Layer. The fact that these two were chosen should come as no surprise as ARIKA has previously teased them, rendered in Unreal Engine 4. Perhaps even more exciting is the price, both characters will be available for Fighting EX Players to download at the extraordinary price of $0 — yes, both will be coming to the game for free.

Additional details on Pullum and Vulcano Rosso’s release are set to be announced at Evo 2018. In the meantime, ARIKA has shared these images and backstories for the two extra fighters.

Vulcano Rosso


-After graduating from the Organization, Rosso began his new life as the “Narcissist Detective”.
-Although initially, he didn’t intend on taking a request from a certain rich princess, once he heard the target was Jack he changed his mind.
-Besides, he has to collect the money Jack owes him from their Poker games!

Pullum Purna


-After her father’s disappearance, Purna rose up and governed her country in his stead.
-While trying to figure out a way to escape from the boredom of her daily life, Purna discovered a clue about her father’s disappearance.
-After sharing this information with her people, Purna declared that she herself would go out in search for him.
-Noticing her attendant Darun was also missing, she resolved to search for him as well.

Exude exceedingly exquisite expressions of excellence, thanks to these new features.

In addition to these two excellent additions to the cast, ARIKA has also confirmed that a proper Arcade Mode is also coming to Fighting EX Layer. This is set to arrive in an update planned for the end of July which should also bring the ability to return to Training Mode after an online match.

These are definitely steps in the right direction and a pleasant surprise for those who are already enjoying the title. While waiting for the new characters and features to release, check out Shoryuken’s review for a detailed look at Fighting EX Layer.

Fighting EX Layer is currently available for purchase exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Source: ARIKA (Facebook)

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