“Think, Don’t Mash!” explains the virtue of playing with only five moves in fighting games

By on July 11, 2018 at 6:00 pm

“FiveMoves” reads the cheeky handle that Press Button Win uses to play online. Perhaps “FiveishMoves” was already taken, but that’s alright — it’s still perfect for his brand new tutorial series “Think, Don’t Mash!”, which tackles the concept of simplifying move-lists in order to learn a new character or game. While the example provided here is performed in Street Fighter V, it’s a broad concept that applies across all fighters.

The concept is as simple as the effort required to make it work — by forming a gameplan around a few moves, you learn to use those moves better. It also helps commit that information into your long-term memory, and gradually, you can build a nuanced understanding of a character’s entire repertoire through this simple chunking exercise.

Source: Press Button Win

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