Red Bull Conquest New York City and Nashville qualifier results

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Victor �Punk� Woodley, winner of the Street Fighter V qualifier poses for a portrait at Warsaw Concert Hall at the Red Bull Conquest Qualifier in Brooklyn, New York, USA on 7 July, 2018. // Drew Gurian / Red Bull Content Pool // AP-1W77WG5JW2111 // Usage for editorial use only // Please go to for further information. //

The Red Bull Conquest qualifiers for New York City and Nashville were held this past Saturday, July 7, with tournaments for Street Fighter V, Tekken 7 and Guilty Gear Xrd REV 2 in both cities. The winners will represent their region in the Conquest National Finals in Washington, D.C. and will have a chance to win the grand prize of $4,500 and a trip to Evo Japan 2019.

Red Bull Conquest is a national fighting game tournament circuit designed to let players represent their local fighting game scene against the rest of the country. The Conquest circuit kicked off earlier this year in Chicago and will continue through the summer with 15 qualifiers in cities across the country and a single online qualifying event. The SFV, T7 and REV 2 qualifiers from each city will form a three-person team to compete in the finals.

WongNation|LostSoul, FightingGM and Echo Fox| Punk will represent New York City at the Red Bull Conquest National Finals.
WongNation|LostSoul, FightingGM and Echo Fox| Punk will represent New York City at the Red Bull Conquest National Finals. (Photo Courtesy of Red Bull)

New York is known for having some of the best talent in the nation and the competition at the Conquest qualifier rivaled that of major tournaments. Echo Fox|Punk, regarded by many as the best American Street Fighter V player, reset the bracket in grand finals against iDom and took the qualifier in dominating fashion. Tekken veteran FightingGM secured his spot on the New York team against TCOL|Victim_of_Ritual of Maryland while PAG|LostSoul took the Guilty Gear bracket against TSB|Shine’s Potemkin and JDLWR’s Leo.

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In Nashville Tekken 7 was the biggest draw of the day and ITS|Lil Majin came out on top of a bracket filled with southern contenders. Ohio’s HZRDS|RobTV will represent Nashville in Street Fighter V after defeating DFD|MagNegro and NB ADC|Dual Kevin. Ky player and Atlanta native bafojig earned the REV2 spot on the team with a win over KimJongPhil.

Check below for top 8 results from both the New York and Nashville qualifiers. The next Red Bull Conquest qualifiers will be held in Dallas and St. Paul on Saturday, July 14. The full schedule can be found at and all events will be streamed at

Red Bull Conquest New York City Results

sfv ae results banner
1) Echo Fox|Punk
2) iDom
3) Mastermikee21
4) SonicBoxx|Dieminion
5) DaFeetLee
5) Jippdaboss
7) Rise|Smug
7) Diego V

1) FightingGM
2) TCOL|Victim_of_Ritual
3) TCOL|Mr.Whooppee
4) EMP|The Game
5) ITS|Mak
5) Oni Jin
7) The (B.A.D) Exalted
7) Holla San

1) LostSoul
3) TSB|Shine
4) PG|MarlinPie
5) TSB|A3Religion
5) Drunkenchicken
7) Spectryn
7) DreadedRuffian

Red Bull Conquest Nashville Results

sfv ae results banner
2) NB ADC|Dual Kevin
3) DRD|Magnegro
4) InC|Splash
5) Shade
5) GB|DapVip
7) Nice1
7) Rivarsal

1) ITS|Lil Majin
2) Velocity Spero Gin
3) MnT|Trungy
4) CensedSonic
5) ITS|Shinblade
7) Mr_96atl
7) Buddy92

1) bafojig
2) KimJohnPhil
3) ITS|Shinblade
4) The Tank
5) Nope
5) Seiki
7) Azure Phoenix
7) TGQ|zenen

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