r/StreetFighter is building a database of local event results — the Local Fighter’s Network

By on July 9, 2018 at 4:00 pm

A new way to support your locals appears!

The Street Fighter subreddit has launched an initiative to expand worldwide results-tracking to include FGC locals: they have launched the beginning stages of the Local Fighter’s Network, a new global stat-tracking system for any and all local events. Here’s the breakdown from r/SF:

If you run a local tournament or take part in local events we want to give you the ability to report and compare your results on a global scale. Just follow the link below, fill out basic information about your event, then check out the results.

Use this link to report the results of your local tournament.

We are not entirely clear on the best way to present this data back to you but for now we just need to build a database of that raw data. Click here to see all current reports. The more locals who report their results, the more useful the data becomes.

This list will also double as a way for players to see what locals are currently active. It will let players know where you are, when your tournaments take place, and allows you to link any additional information to help players support your scene.

If you have any feedback concerning the Local Fighter’s Network please let us know so we can help craft it to suit your needs.

Help put your locals and your players on the map by participating in this data-gathering project!

Source: r/StreetFighter

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