Mikado Arcade’s Street Fighter Carnival 11 continues with Samurai Shodown VI, Street Fighter II: The World Warrior

By on July 8, 2018 at 2:00 pm
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Street Fighter Carnival 11 is Mikado Arcade’s currently-ongoing, month-long, multi-game tournament series for a wide variety of classic (and sometimes, obscure) arcade titles. This series is well under way, so start from the beginning if you want to catch up!

Today we start with SNK’s Samurai Shodown VI:

The ‘Spirits’ system makes up the core of this game’s design — each player can choose one of six ‘Spirits’, which gives access to different offensive/defensive capabilities during play. Each of the ‘Spirits’ are based around a different entry in the SamSho series- so if you have a preference for any previous SamSho game, there’s a sub-system waiting for you!

Up next is a little game called Street Fighter II: The World Warrior. Maybe you’ve heard of it, readers of shoryuken.com?

You can follow the action of SFC11 by subscribing to Mikado’s official YouTube channel. For the night owls in the US, you can even try to catch them when they livestream.

Source: Mikado Arcade

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