Capcom Pro Tour NA West Online Ranking Event 2 results, VOD now available

By on July 8, 2018 at 11:00 am
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The second Capcom Pro Tour 2018 Online Ranking Event for the West Coast of North America was held on Saturday, July 7. Among those participating were ELEAGUE competitors SonicBoxx|JB and Commander Jesse, and Wednesday Night Fights regulars CYG BST| ChrisT, brenttiscool and Bunshin Style. You can check out the full Top 8 from Capcom Fighters below:

Each online ranking tournament offers as many points as an offline ranking event. For this year’s online ranking events, Capcom has opted to divide each of the four main regions (North America, Asia, Europe and Latin America) into two zones. The second round of online ranking events will continue on July 14 with Western Europe, and then Southeast Asia on July 20. You can find the full schedule, zone information and registration details at

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1) Nephew (Kolin)
2) GGEA|Toi (M.Bison)
3) brenttiscool (Ken)
4) SonicBoxx|JB (Rashid)
5) Commander Jesse (Dhalsim)
5) CYG BST|ChrisT (Ken)
7) Tempo|Alex Myers (Cammy)
7) ChrisCCH
9) leii
9) Mario
9) The_Loewenator
9) Hsien Chang
13) Geki
13) Brolylegs
13) Jot
13) BushinStyle

Source: Capcom Fighters

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