Pokkén Tournament DX to receive massive balance patch on July 11th

By on July 7, 2018 at 10:00 am

Surprise! Seemingly out of nowhere, the official Japanese Pokkén Tournament DX website has announced a new update for Pokkén Tournament DX. It’s set to arrive on Wednesday, July 11, and features balance changes for all 23 fighters (and several supports).

Here are the changes for the Battle Pokémon:


  • Aura Sphere (Upward): can now fire aura spheres upward after water gun
  • Burst Mode: now improves Blastoise’s move speed universally.
  • jX (Field): Can now input bjX to track opponents
  • Dark Pulse: no longer interacts with opposing projectiles


  • Soaring > Forward dash: reduced landing recovery
  • 8X: increased block stun
  • 6XX: reduced recovery, but also reduced hitstun
  • CA: Reduced active armor frames to match other grounded CAs.
  • 5X: increased combo scaling


  • nY: Can now ice skate right out of nY by holding down the button.
  • 5YX: New move. Hold the button down to go into ice skating.
  • Movement: Empoleon move speed has increased universally.
  • jX (Field): Increased active frames of the hitbox while descending. Can change the direction of the move with 7/8/9
  • 5X: increased the hitbox of the second hit
  • 2X: When inputting 1X, you won’t spin as far.
  • 4X: More blockstun.
  • Skating -> Jump (Duel): Input forward to go even further when jumping.
  • 2X: Increased hitstun. Combo scaling increased.
  • Skating -> Jump: fixed a problem where your controls would get locked if you were hit with a certain timing out of this move.
  • Skating (duel) -> Y: can no longer use duel phase moves after phase changing with this move
  • Back Skating -> Y (duel): fixed an issue where phase changing with this move would cause the camera to get weird


  • Bug Bite: Can now be activated from ]A[
  • Swords Dance – Shots: Can now forward dash right out of this move with R.
  • 2X: More block stun. Increases pushback from the wall if you wall splat with this move to better position Scizor for combos.
  • Homing 1: reduced recovery, reduced hitstun
  • Hover Turn: fixed a bug where inputting hover turn would cause you to use u-turn in certain situations


  • 8[Y]: new move
  • j8X: On whiff, the move’s random effect has been altered.
  • BA: – increased reach. Improved tracking. Increased iFrames.
  • bY – Avoids some high projectiles. Just frame increases synergy.
  • Gunk Shot (Self Destruct): can now guard break opponents


  • 6Y: On hit, causes a down state. On just frame, grants more synergy.
  • 4Y: Just frames give synergy now. Also causes a down state.
  • 2Y: Reduced recovery. However also does reduced blockstun.
  • Shadow Claw (slice derivation, held): more phase shift points
  • Air Teleport (Nightmare mode): increased recovery if you air teleport

Shadow Mewtwo

  • Psywave Projectile (Max Charge) – now eats other projectiles more easily (higher priority)
  • Miracle Eye – reduced HP cost
  • Teleport: reduced recovery time
  • 6Y: When the second hit hits an opponent above ground, increased stun
  • 5X: increased the window to cancel into 5XX
  • Psywave Vortex: reduced HP cost, but also reduces synergy gain to match reduced HP cost
  • 6Y (Burst): when burst ends, the pillar disappears too


  • 6YX: new just frame added. Just frame adds more damage and synergy gain on success.
  • Psystrike: Just frames add synergy.
  • 2X: Just frames add synergy.
  • BA: removes any supports you have out on activation (IE gets rid of rotom if you try to Rotom + BA)


  • j8Y – new move
  • Flame Charge – when crossing opponents up with this move, you will move a shorter distance
  • Flame Charge EX – fixed a problem where after performing this move, you would auto correct into the wrong direction


  • Dig – On crit, OR in burst, now allows you to combo afterward. Made it easier to combo opponents who were hit out of the air. Now avoids projectiles while doing the uppercut portion as well. Nose Dive – now is cancellable into pokemon moves
  • 4X – Can now avoid certain low projectiles.
  • [Sand tomb] – fixed a problem where the animation wouldn’t play on hit


  • 6Y: Can cancel into vine hang after the move.
  • Detect (Success): increased chip
  • CA – On critical hit, the opponent is now downed. (not sure if hard knockdown or if crumple) On hitting an aerial opponent, hitstun increased.
  • 5[Y] on hit, causes a down (not sure if hard knockdown or crumple)
  • 6Y: on start up, this move can avoid lows. The last change is “fixed a bug where jump forward after using vine hang would cause your inputs to get stuffed afterward”


  • Will-o-Wisp: deals more damage to shield (duel phase only)
  • 4y: more base damage
  • WoW: reduced knockback against blocking opponents
  • jY (Field): reduced the range Chandelure can move while performing jump laser

Pikachu Libre

  • sY – when enhanced, hold the button to do a magnetic hop (I forget what the actual name of her special jump thing is, her wall jump IIRC)
  • sY – higher base damage
  • jX – has reduced range when crossing over opponents


  • 6YX – Press R to permeate
  • sY – can cancel into pokemon moves
  • Sludge Bomb – attack debuff lasts for less time if an opponent walks over the trap
  • BA – on activation, removes any supports you have out
  • Mid Air Jump – fixed a bug where you couldn’t properly use astonish after jumping back and permeating


  • Air Dash – changed the trajectory of his air dash.
  • EX Heat Wave – Reduced combo scaling
  • jY – Can now cancel into Pokemon moves. Increased hitstun, reduced knockback.


  • 6Y – new move
  • Burst – lasts longer
  • Icicle Crash (Slam) – increased chip damage
  • 8X – Weavile can now combo if this move hits opponents out of the air


  • Charizard Flare Blitz (Straight): increased block stun. Increased knockback on blocking opponents
  • 5X increased block stun
  • j6Y you can now swat some projectiles to erase them with Charizard’s tail
  • Inferno: Now has longer range. On hit, applies speed down. Increased combo scaling (buff and nerf)


  • Up CA – lowered the height at which this move launches upward to better hit small and crouching opponents
  • 2Y – increased block stun on the first hit, less recovery on 2Y.
  • 5YYY – no longer puts you in an aerial state
  • can cancel hydro pump and blizzard with R


  • Gardevoir jCA (duel phase) the range at which this move moves increased
  • Energy Ball (Duel) goes further and has some improvement to track opponents movements
  • Energy Ball: Diffused (Field) has a bigger hitbox
  • 8X increased the forward movement from performing it
  • When Gardevoir does calm mind in BA, she gets 2 stacks
  • Now has more blockstun with BA


  • Cross Chop in duel phase has more active frames, and the distance you get pushed back from cross chopping a wall is reduced
  • jump homing now moves Machamp faster as he tracks opponents
  • Machamp can change the trajectory of his air grab by inputting back
  • ]X[ is now a thing


  • Pikachu Volt Tackle’s hitbox is bigger in burst
  • nY can cancel into Pokemon moves from the 1st and 2nd inputs
  • Can cancel Electro Ball
  • Can cancel 8X with 6R
  • Does more damage with BA


  • jY (Field): can now input directions to change the trajectory 6Y (first part) – increased range. Increased amount of time you can delay 6YY.
  • High Stance – gives more synergy at more intervals than before
  • Shield Form Pokemon Moves – reduced durations of buffs received from form changing
  • Iron Head – now has difficulty hitting crouching and small opponents (possibly changed to a high?)
  • King’s Shield – Less invincibility time on a successful counter.
  • 4Y: no longer puts you into an aerial state
  • 4X (Enhanced): reduced the amount of time your buffs last upon use

But wait! There’s more: closing us out are some important Support changes:

  • Diglett: Does more damage.
  • Pachirisu: Removed invincibility on start up, replaced with projectile invincibility on start up.
  • Magikarp: charges slower
  • Yvetal: fixed a problem where your opponent’s synergy didn’t go down on hit if you activated burst at the same time.
  • Litten: charges faster
  • Popplio: increased duration of the double jump buff
  • Mega Rayquaza: does even more damage, costs less synergy to use
  • Celebi: charges faster

That’s it! Get your Switches ready to download the update on the 11th.

Source: Pokkén Arena (translation);  Pokkén

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