Watch high-level SoulCalibur VI gameplay from CEO: Team Kenny Omega vs. Team Jebailey

By on July 5, 2018 at 2:00 pm
SCVI exhibition siegfried

Among the many spectacular matches at CEO 2018, a special SoulCalibur VI exhibition took place.

Professional wrestler Kenny Omega takes to the stage to introduce his team, following a 5 vs. 5, winner-stays-on competition. The two team captains start off, with Kenny Omega using Kilik and Jebailey going for Geralt. The two show off what experience they have, with Jebailey emerging victorious, but losing rather quickly to UYU|BeautifulDude‘s Grøh, who won a recent ESL tournament at E3. The matches heat up considerably as more knowledgeable and practiced players enter the fray.

We can honestly say, this is probably the most skilled SouCalibur VI gameplay to date, so it’s really worth watching. Particularly noteworthy are: OmegaXCN, who pulls off more complicated pressure with Taki’s Possession stance; IceColdEdge’s Siegfried, who rings out Ivy with a huge Soul Charge combo at 34:00; and LinkKRC, who figured out really nice Ivy combos and a pretty effective horizontal move to keep opponents in check.

There were actually some more warm-up matches before the exhibition that didn’t make it into the YouTube clip above. It’s really worth watching, even just to see great matches between OmegaXCN’s Taki and his opponent, Siegfried; OmegaXCN seemed even more on fire here.

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Source: Team Spooky; Twitch

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