The Last Blade is one of the games Twitch is giving away for free to Prime members this month

By on July 5, 2018 at 4:00 pm

Twitch is having a special promotion this month where they’re giving away 20 free games to Prime subscribers. One of these game happens to be one of SNK’s classic fighting games from the ’90s — The Last Blade.

Released in 1997, the Last Blade is SNK’s second take on a samurai fighting game (after the Samurai Shodown franchise), set in a different time period and featuring a more combo-oriented system. The series — which spans two games — is notable for being the only SNK fighting series that’s yet to have a playable representative in The King of Fighters (though Kaede did appear as a special striker in KoF 2000).

As for the Twitch promotion, it sees them giving away more than 20 free games (including the Last Blade) from July 2 to July 17 as part of their Prime Day celebration. The games themselves will be available at select dates with The Last Blade being available from July 2 to August 2. Once players avail of the games, they will be theirs to keep forever.

You can learn more about the promotion from the following video and graphic from Twitch.


Source: Twitch

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