One of the series’ oldest glitches has finally been figured out in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round

By on July 3, 2018 at 11:00 am

While Team NINJA is hard at work at Dead or Alive 6, the series’ community is still plugging away at figuring out Dead or Alive 5: Last Round. Recently, an exciting new discovery was made that opens up what may be one of the oldest known (but until now, un-replicable) glitches in the game: Free Step Cancelling.

Free Step cancelling is a glitch that allows a player to make certain attacks safer by somehow cancelling out their recovery frames with a free step. While the glitch seems simple enough in concept, it was something that people had trouble consistently replicating, with most evidence of its existence only coming from footage of people triggering it accidentally.

However, AlexXsWx over at Free Step Dodge has figured out how to use it. Triggering the glitch involves buffering a dash (either forward or back), hitting down 1 frame before the idle frame, and then using an attack that’s triggered by hitting hold (H) and kick (K) buttons at the same time (H and K, or down H and K) in the next frame. The result is that said H and K attack will have its recovery frames reduced, allowing certain characters to follow up with another attack after it.

Actually using the glitch can be quite difficult, as it requires multiple 1 frame inputs. However, it does open up new offense for characters that can take advantage of it. There are a few examples below, showing both new combos, as well as pressure strings.

Here’s  輝Rock with some findings for Lei Fang.

Meanwhile, ベロニカ  shows off some combos for Nyotengu.

めたんにぃ on the other hand demonstrates a new juggle for Honoka, as well as a demonstration of side step holding a push block string that normally tracks.

What’s more interesting is how old the glitch actually is. While attention was brought to it in Dead or Alive 5: Last Round, the glitch has actually existed as far back as Dead or Alive 2 — the first game with the Free Step system. You can see current Team NINJA community manager Manny “Master” Rodriguez demonstrating the glitch in the latter.

Now, with the discovery of this glitch, the big question is: will it still exist in Dead or Alive 6 when it launches next year?

Sources: AlexXsWx輝Rockベロニカめたんにぃ; thanks to Mr. Wah for the tip.

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