Behold these blessed combos from ETCChile for Jesus in the Early Access fighter “Fight of Gods”

By on July 3, 2018 at 5:00 pm
fight of gods jesus vs buddha

You may not believe me, but Fight of Gods existed before they revealed Jesus would be joining their roster last year. You may also not believe that “The Little Unity Fighter That Could” is still going strong on the Steam platform, having just updated the game with several balance changes here. This is all despite its early access state and, uh, work-in-progress assets.

But even now, Jesus still brings interest to the game by virtue of simply existing as a playable character. Here’s Mortal Kombat specialist group ETCChile exploring Jesus’ combo possibilities, which are made up of Rekka’s, juggle loops, and of course — please forgive us, lord — cross-ups.

Fight of Gods is in Early Access on Steam.

Source: ETCChile

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