r/StreetFighter sponsoring four players to compete at Evo 2018; Sponsorship t-shirts now available

By on June 30, 2018 at 4:00 pm

You can show your support for your favorite player with these new tees.

With the community voting completed, four players have been chosen to be sponsored by the r/StreetFighter subreddit to head to Evo 2018 and compete in Street Fighter V. They are:

  1. iDrop – 355 votes
  2. ElChakotay – 275 votes
  3. Neon – 182 votes
  4. Teiga – 133 votes

Now, r/StreetFighter is looking at raising the funds to hopefully send all four of these competitors to the event. If you want to help out and show your own support for your favorite player (and their Street Fighter V main), t-shirts are now available to purchase online.

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Source: r/StreetFighter

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