Indie Horror-Fighter Omen of Sorrow to reveal launch date, and two new characters, on July 24th

By on June 30, 2018 at 12:00 pm

We’ve entered a strange era where companies routinely reveal release dates for release date revelations. AOne Games, developers of indie horror-fighter Omen of Sorrow, is the most recent example of this in their interview with

I know you’ve said Q3 for a release date. Could you give us a month or a date?

Budinich: We are going to announce the launch date on July 24th. Along with two new characters.

Outside of this revelation, there was a healthy amount of discussion in regards to the game’s mechanics and development — from the standpoint of both designers and fighting game players. Anyone interested in how a fighting game can come together with just four designers should absolutely check out the interview here.


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