What are the problems with auto combos in Dragon Ball FighterZ?

By on June 27, 2018 at 6:00 pm

Maybe “controversial” is a strong word, but auto combo mechanics have been points of strong discussion in the fighting game community. It seems like many games include it now, including one of the most popular current titles, Dragon Ball FighterZ. While it’s a tool intended to help out beginners and casual players, YouTuber jmcrofts argues against it, and offers a few ways to make it better for everyone.

jmcrofts recognizes the use of auto combos for beginner players, but notes how powerful block pressure is in the game, and that it’s easy to force the opponent to keep blocking; and auto combos aid in that. He says that this impacts footsies negatively because it’s tough to whiff punish, since auto combos just keep chaining regardless of hitting or not. They also auto-correct if the opponents side switch during them, and some characters like Cell have really strong auto combos. He doesn’t propose entirely removing this mechanic, but he would like to see certain adjustments.

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Source: jmcrofts

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