Street Fighter V Cody video roundup — Zonk trades, desk V-Trigger combos, day one bread ‘n’ butters, and more!

By on June 27, 2018 at 3:00 pm
sfv ae cody knife 2

Cody’s back, and he’s ready to clean up the streets! The (new) mayor comes to Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition with his Final Fight weapons applied to his V-Triggers, a new projectile, and more. As usual, players are already breaking down Capcom’s latest character, so let’s take a look at what Cody players can try on their first day in office:

VesperArcade starts us off with basic hit confirms and bread ‘n’ butter combos.

Doopliss shows off some practical damage and a clear example of Cody’s stun capabilities.

nevillebamshew gives us a nice trade situation for Cody’s Zonk in block strings.

Frame Advantage, in addition to showing off some BnBs, breaks down common tick throws, basic playstyle info, and more.

desk shows off his knife play with these VT1 combos. I wish Cody could just always c.LP the wrong way.

But for sheer flash factor alone, desk makes VT2 look like the V-Trigger of choice. Batter up!

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Sources: VesperArcade; nevillebamshew; Doopliss; Frame Advantage; desk

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