Go psycho with NurseLee’s EX Katapult setups for Falke in Street Fighter V

By on June 27, 2018 at 2:00 pm
falke srk

In Street Fighter V Season 3, Falke gives the first impression of a character with a lot of powerful tools at her disposal — but her potential to be a worthy wielder of Psycho Power has yet to be unleashed at this early stage since her release. Here to help us explore the possibilities is NurseLee, whose latest Street Fighter V tutorial focuses on various setup options that are available following Falke’s EX Katapult.

EX Katapult launches the opponent a fair distance into the air, giving Falke the opportunity to do two complete forward dashes, achieve a spacing advantage and still have a window to pull of a damaging follow-up attack. Check it out as NurseLee breaks down some of the cards you have to play once you’ve closed the gap and swooped in for the kill.

Source: NurseLee