This must-see NFL-style video from Combo Breaker shows the bizarre Sarvets Mugen All-Stars Auction

By on June 26, 2018 at 6:00 pm
all stars sarvet video

Something amazing took place during Combo Beaker 2018, and you probably missed it. You may have heard of character auctions, but you haven’t seen one like this: one that’s based around Sarvets Mugen All-Stars.

Phil Nolan captures those amazing moments in an NFL-style video documentary. He expertly mixes crowd reactions with slowdowns and footage from the hypest moments. What really adds to it though is the voiceover: slow, epic, and deep. There’s really no better way to capture the sheer lunacy of that amazing Sarvets Mugen All-Stars character auction.

Marvel at it below. The video will take you to the climactic finals, which even had a moment of possible collusion between the two top players, but Oki Dyke was not tempted.

For more on the event, visit our Combo Breaker 2018 results page.

Source: Phil Nolan

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