Nsurgo Sakura, E. Honda, and Blanka-chan skate decks now available for pre-order

By on June 26, 2018 at 1:00 pm
nsurgo srk

Last year, Nsurgo premiered a series of officially-licensed Street Fighter skate decks — that made quite a big splash among the attendees of Evo, and continue to garner attention among other fans of FGC-related merchandise. Recently, the brand has announced that three more World Warriors will be immortalized in skate deck form: E.Honda, Sakura, and the “lovable” Blanka-chan.

While these three missed the last round, these new decks will be given the special edition treatment, with the Sakura deck expected to be produced in a particularly limited quantity.

All three decks are set to release in July, but are all currently available for pre-order on Nsurgo’s official website.

Source: Nsurgo