Mix it up with Krillin in rooflemonger’s latest video guides for Dragon Ball FighterZ

By on June 26, 2018 at 2:00 pm
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Though Krillin is notorious for dying at the hands of evil alien overlords, his appearance in Dragon Ball FighterZ reminds us that he is one of the series’ strongest humans and one of earth’s most formidable fighters. Showing us just what the Destructo Disc thrower is made of is YouTuber rooflemonger, who’s got a full list of tips and tricks for Dragon Ball FighterZ heads who have a Krillin in their lineup.

rooflemonger describes Krillin as a mix-up monster, and that term is about as accurate as it gets. He’s got so many options that you can use to fake out, bait and trap any opponent while maintaining a steady amount of confusion and pressure.

Starting with the basics and building up to his incredible mix-up potential, the instructive video is about 30 minutes long and includes time marks that indicate the different topics explored. Check it out below:

Once you’ve looked that over, start working on some combos:

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Source: rooflemonger