BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle tier list: Japanese player Kubo charts the strongest and weakest characters

By on June 26, 2018 at 11:00 am

As BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle has been in consumer hands for quite a bit now, players are bound to eventually settle on deciding who is stronger and who is weaker in the  2 vs. 2 title. Though a tier list that includes new DLC characters that came out a week ago does seem a little quick, a Japanese player has compiled their opinion on the state of the game using the popular MMCafe Tierchart Maker.

Ho-chan, who sometimes tweets in English, pointed out Kubo’s chart, dubbing him the “best BBTAG player in Japan.” Obviously, tier lists are opinions, from what I’ve been seeing about the game, it seems mostly spot on.

The axes work as following: from bottom to top are weakest to strongest characters, and left are characters that “have weaknesses” while more towards the right are those who “do everything.”

I don’t think anyone disagrees that Yukiko is very weak (sorry, girlfriend.) Chie, Weiss, and Jubei have problems establishing dominance in neutral and can get easily outzoned or pushed back; Platinum lacks a full-screen super. Jin, Orie, Es, and Ruby (who is a little outside the chart, on the right edge) have definitely been dominating the meta. I can’t speak for Hyde, but it sounds like he has all the tools (please feel free to expand on this in the comments).

What are your thoughts on this list? Who would you pose differently? Personally, I’m a bit surprised at the placing of Blake and Carmine. The latter especially has been looking pretty strong.

Sources: Ho-chan; @kubo0055

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