theScore esports covers the origins of the “Kappa” emote and its impact on meme history

By on June 25, 2018 at 5:00 pm
kappa srk

Those who have been users of Twitch since its early days as an up-and-coming streaming platform are sure to recognize the emote of a smug, grayscale face that is known and beloved by many as Kappa. Over time, this emote, used to denote trolling or sarcastic banter, has transcended the world of FGC humor and branched out into the broader, bewildering world of internet meme culture.

Though Kappa has become the most-used emote in Twitch history and has arguably become the universal symbol for sarcasm, even its most loyal users may be unfamiliar with its origins. Whether you are among those who wonder from where Kappa came, or even what it means, theScore esports have you covered in their latest video. They take you down the Kappa hole to the very beginning of The King of Sarcasm’s reign — and even employ the help of a professor of semiotics (the study of signs and symbols).

All Kappas aside, the video is actually quite informative and is just one example of the impact that modern gaming has had on todays’ popular culture. Check out theScore’s What is Kappa? history lesson below and — if you can help it — try to keep a straight face.

Source: theScore esports