Check out Persona Entertainment’s electrifying combo video for Benimaru in The King of Fighters XIV

By on June 25, 2018 at 3:00 pm
benimaru srk

Benimaru Nikaido is a common pick among top players in The King of Fighters XIV, and it’s not just for his unrivaled handsomeness or impeccable fashion sense. If you’re looking to achieve high damage and get the corner advantage as quickly as possible, Benimaru is definitely your man, and, of course, it doesn’t hurt to look incredibly stylish while doing so.

The trick with Benimaru is keeping your opponents at close range, since most of his moves require close-quarter contact — but also have impressive wall carry. Plus, his advanced cancel links, though highly damaging, require even more meticulous timing than the average SNK character’s.

Persona’s video demonstrates that if you can make the most of the corner advantage that you wiill most likely have while maining Benimaru, the results are as fabulous as the man himself. You can check it out below, and for more from Persona Entertainment, have a look at his combo video for the hard-hitting dragon gal Mui Mui.

Source: Persona Entertainment