Unboxing the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Collector’s Edition

By on June 22, 2018 at 12:00 pm
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Shoryuken offers a hands-on look at what’s in the BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Collector’s Edition package.

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The BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle Collector’s Edition has quite a few goodies in it, but is it worth your money? I decided to make an unboxing video to show you the contents up close to see for yourself!

A big box that showcases the colors of each franchise houses the Collector Edition items. Inside, the steel case is first. I’m a big fan of it; it has special art from the Japanese edition of the game. The colors on it are vivid and powerful, showcasing each protagonist: Ragna, Yu, Hyde, and Ruby. Obviously, it feels very solid; it’s a great way to house the disc.

You still get a regular retail box of the game with that fancy “Evo 2018 main lineup” sticker. It’s nice to have a regular box, though there’s no instruction booklet, so it feels a little redundant; and that feeling is furthered because the standard edition of the game comes with a mini soundtrack CD (seven tracks). However, the Collector’s Edition comes with a 15-track disc that has all of those tracks from the mini CD, and more. We can hear each version of Crossing Fate (just in case you haven’t heard enough of it yet), even the short version used in the opening. It’s good that the disc has the mix track of each RWBY character as that equals to multiple tracks from the show.

The acrylic “figures” are flat representations of each protagonist. To be honest, these are surprisingly nice. They stand securely on their flat stands. I get the feeling that multiple figures were out of Arc System Works’ budget (or maybe they could have you choose one, but more options still equal to higher operating costs). It’s nice to have each franchise represented.

Finally, the artbook is a bit of a letdown; not particularly because it’s relatively short (52 pages), but it’s mostly filled with standard “stock” character-select art of the base roster. It does have very cool sketches of the RWBY characters, showing how their attacks and poses were animated. I also love the section at the end that shows sketches of partner introductions.

All in all, it’s a good Collector’s Edition, even though CDs are a bit old-school now. I would maybe like to get a poster instead of the mini-CD that comes in the regular game box.

Thanks to Arc System Works for providing the Collector’s Edition to Shoryuken; you can get your own at the Arc System Works online shop. Check out our BBTAG video review as well!

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