ComboCon organizer HD Mex talks about how to grow a community with FGC Philosophy

By on June 22, 2018 at 6:00 pm

“One of the biggest outlets for people in the veteran community is video gaming.”

The story of ComboCon is a fascinating one — it’s a FGC event that found a way to combine veteran charity and video games into a surprisingly large fighting game tournament. And it debuted in a place where there wasn’t much of an FGC at all: St. Johns, Michigan.

Boasting over 300 entrants, hdmexiqtioner knows what it’s like to create a scene from nothing — and the sudden challenges a surprise success can bring. Check out the interview above on the latest “FGC Philosophy” episode to hear about ComboCon’s roots and how you can grow your own scene.

Source: The Philocypher

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