BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle roundup: DLC character tech — Deadly Yang, Carmine, Aegis, and Hakumen combos

By on June 22, 2018 at 1:00 pm
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As seven new characters just arrived in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle, players are once again busy developing new tech as fervently as Elon Musk. Get ready to see new one-touch-death combos, powerful set ups, and pressure that won’t let the opponent get out easily. We’re taking a closer look at Yang, Carmine, Aegis, and Hakumen.

Obviously, comboing your opponent into the Astral Heat is a worthy goal to strive for, so if you need to a few pointers, check out the compilation above for Aegis, Vatista, Carmine, Naoto, Hakumen, Jubei, and Yang footage.

Kalibur optimized the Aegist Astral Heat combo by starting from even less bars.

Here’s a fairly straightforward corner combo with Aegis that will keep the opponent on their toes with a cannon attack once they get up.

Kalibur is also finding out some useful Aegis option selects; visit his Twitter for more Aegis and Es tech.

Looks like Jin isn’t the only one with really high solo damage. Keep in mind though that Carmine spends some health on certain attacks.

Here’s a pretty terrifying set up with Carmine that seems to cover defensive options quite well.

This deadly combo from Hakumen and Tager should finish off most characters in the game.

Uri put together this aesthetically pleasing Yang and Hakumen combo.

At last, Hakumen can keep those pesky command throws off of his sanctimonious person.

Are you having flashbacks to other BlazBlue games yet? Hakumen shows he doesn’t need a partner as he kills his foes while in Resonance Blaze.

Here’s a straightforward combo that sets up a safe jump for Yang in the corner.

If you’re more of a lover than a fighter, also check out these unique interactions between BBTAG DLC characters.

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