ARIKA is teasing Pullum Purna for Fighting EX Layer

By on June 22, 2018 at 9:00 am

It’s no secret that ARIKA would love to expand the cast of Fighting EX Layer with more classic Street Fighter EX characters via DLC. Now, it seems like they’re teasing one of those characters (much like Vulcano Rosso was dropped into the very end of this video).

In a recent tweet regarding the company’s presence at Community Effort Orlando 2018, ARIKA Vice President Ichiro Mihara included an image that seems to be teasing Pullum Purna as an upcoming character for the game. The image, which you can see below, has Pullum seemingly rendered in-engine, while covered up with the text from said tweet.


First appearing in the original Street Fighter EX, Pullum Purna is a Middle Eastern heiress who’s traveling the world with her bodyguard, Darun Mister (who is already in the game) in search of her father. She was notable for a moveset inspired by Arabian dance — as well as being the only character who could double jump.

Aside from Pullum, ARIKA has also mentioned wanting to add Area, Sharon, and Vulcano Rosso as DLC as well. Now considering that Pullum is seemingly shown in-engine in the image above, should we expect an announcement soon to confirm this, possibly at CEO 2018?

Fighting EX Layer launches on PlayStation 4 on June 28.

Source: Arika

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