SNK and Netmarble are transforming The King of Fighters’ Athena Asamiya into a “Virtual YouTuber”

By on June 21, 2018 at 10:00 am

One of the newest trends to hit the internet as of late is that of the “Virtual YouTuber” — also known as “VTubers”, these are 3D animated characters (usually cute girls) who host videos on YouTube, much like flesh-and-blood YouTubers. Now, it seems that SNK wants to throw its hat into the Virtual YouTuber ring. As part of their promotion for The King of Fighters All-Star, the Netmarble-developed mobile RPG, they have announced that the series’ schoolgirl idol Athena Asamiya will herself now become a Virtual YouTuber.

The whole thing is the second part of an extended promotion called “King of Campaign 2018” by Netmarble to promote The King of Fighters All-Star. The campaign itself involves a contest that will see the winners receive a NEO GEO Mini as a prize. As for Athena herself, it has been confirmed that she will be voiced by none other than Haruna Ikezawa, who has voiced the character since The King of Fighters ’95.

And as for The King of Fighters All-Star, the mobile spin-0ff RPG launches on iOS and Android in Japan this summer.


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