ZeRo goes over the trailers for every character in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

By on June 19, 2018 at 12:00 pm

The cast of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is quite large, encompassing all of the past characters in the series, as well as bringing in “Echo” fighters. It’s quite the large cast to go over, but top Smash player TSM|ZeRo managed to do it in a stream.

While the video below is indeed very long, ZeRo moves relatively quickly through each character, giving you the lowdown on their major changes and his general impressions. So if you’re wondering what he thinks of your favorite character, scroll a bit below to view timestamps for the video. Keep in mind that this is based on just a demo, and that the game is bound to drastically change during ongoing development.

Mario: 0:00:00

Donkey Kong: 0:00:18

Link: 0:02:27

Samus: 0:03:52

Yoshi: 0:05:25

Kirby: 0:06:35

Fox: 0:08:24

Pikachu: 0:12:34

Luigi: 0:14:42

Ness: 0:15:50

Captain Falcon: 0:17:56

Jigglypuff: 0:19:43

Peach: 0:21:42

Daisy: 0:22:21

Bowser: 0:23:29

Ice Climbers: 0:24:20

Sheik: 0:25:18

Zelda: 0:26:30

Dr. Mario: 0:28:38

Pichu: 0:29:49

Falco: 0:36:34

Marth: 0:40:06

Lucina: 0:40:51

Young Link: 0:45:42

Ganondorf: 0:46:11

Mewtwo: 0:47:06

Roy: 0:48:00

Mr. Game & Watch: 0:48:22

Meta Knight: 0:49:18

Pit: 0:50:00

Zero Suit Samus: 0:51:06

Wario: 0:53:55

Solid Snake: 0:56:46

Ike: 0:58:47

Pokémon Trainer: 0:59:18

Diddy Kong: 1:00:41

Lucas: 1:01:44

Sonic: 1:02:48

King Dedede: 1:03:35

Olimar: 1:04:23

Lucario: 1:06:23

R.O.B.: 1:07:24

Toon Link: 1:08:44

Wolf: 1:09:53

Villager: 1:13:36

Mega Man: 1:17:16

Wii Fit Trainer: 1:18:13

Rosalina & Luma: 1:19:05

Little Mac: 1:20:51

Greninja: 1:26:35

Mii Fighters: 1:27:53

Palutena: 1:28:23

Pac-Man: 1:29:28

Robin: 1:30:13

Shulk: 1:31:54

Bowser Jr.: 1:34:15

Duck Hunt: 1:35:21

Ryu: 1:37:12

Cloud Strife: 1:37:30

Corrin: 1:43:54

Bayonetta: 1:44:16

Inklings: 1:47:53

Ridley: 1:49:22

Don’t forget to check out the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate release announcement, or our own impressions from E3, as well as footage of ZeRo in the Smash Invitational.

Source: ZeRo (YouTube)

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