New characters arrive in BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle: Vatista, Jubei, Hakumen, RWBY’s Yang, and more

By on June 19, 2018 at 10:37 am
bbtagDLCpack JubeiCarmineAegis

At long last, the core team from RWBY is complete! All versions of BlazBlue: Cross Tag Battle have two new DLC character packs available — as well as Yang, who can be downloaded for free. Check out the trailer below, and here’s the scoop on the two packs.

The prices are identical in the Nintendo Switch eShop; use the link and keep scrolling to purchase them. The case is the same for the Steam Store version of the game.

Seven new characters enter the fray. Check them out in action below, featuring a couple of unique character interactions (for the first time in English, for some) as well as a special full team RWBY intro at the end.

Sources: Arc System Works; PlayStation Store; Nintendo eShop

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